What Does EMTONE® Feel Like During A Treatment?

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Is cellulite keeping you from showing off your body with confidence? Eating healthy and spending time at the gym may be healthy, but they are not enough to treat problem skin. Now, you can try cellulite reduction with EMTONE in West Bloomfield Township, MI. This fast and noninvasive procedure doesn’t require surgery or extended amounts of downtime.

EMTONE works by emitting different kinds of energy to target the cause of cellulite and reduce the appearance of dimpled skin. The result is smooth, even skin you can feel great about. Best of all, sessions are incredibly comfortable and feel as if you’re getting a hot stone massage.

Board-certified surgeon Dr. Susan Seman and the exceptional team at Dr. Susan Seman PLLC are thrilled to offer this body sculpting treatment at our facility. Learn more about our processes below or call our office to schedule your EMTONE appointment.

Why do I need EMTONE?

To understand how EMTONE works, you should first understand how cellulite forms. Cellulite is a purely cosmetic problem that appears when the fibrous bands that connect the skin and muscles pull unevenly. Fatty tissue just beneath the skin becomes more noticeable, as well as dimpling. While cellulite is sometimes associated with weight gain, it’s usually due to genetics and aging.

EMTONE is a groundbreaking cellulite reduction treatment that combines radiofrequency (RF) energy and mechanical technology. During EMTONE treatment at Dr. Susan Seman PLLC, our specialists glide a special handpiece over the treatment area. Gentle heating and pressure force the fibrous connective tissue to loosen. This process also encourages new collagen production, causing the skin to become firmer over time.

EMTONE can be applied in the following areas:

  • Arms
  • Upper legs
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen

How does EMTONE feel?

As we mentioned, EMTONE is a nonsurgical body sculpting treatment that is incredibly low-risk. Dr. Seman and the professionals who perform EMTONE are trained in the technology and perform each session with the utmost care and attention. For these reasons and more, patients should not expect any discomfort or pain during their appointment, just warmth and pressure. In fact, our patients in West Bloomfield Township, MI often compare EMTONE to getting a hot stone massage.

When will I see visible results?

Many times, EMTONE patients discover that their bothersome cellulite is less visible after their first session. More dramatic outcomes are seen, however, once the new collagen has time to take effect. Our experts recommend getting several EMTONE treatments scheduled a few weeks apart for the best cellulite reduction results possible. Your skin will only continue to get smoother and more attractive over time.

Keep in mind that EMTONE doesn’t prevent future signs of aging that may lead to cellulite. Patients are more than welcome to return to our office for future body sculpting appointments as needed.

No more cellulite

Imagine getting the smoother, virtually dimple-free skin you have always wanted. Now, you can show off your abdomen, thighs, and bottom without crash diets or over-the-counter creams. EMTONE requires no surgery, little downtime, and essentially no discomfort. If you are excited to begin EMTONE treatment in West Bloomfield Township, MI, contact Dr. Susan Seman PLLC or a cellulite assessment. We look forward to helping you get the appearance of your dreams.

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