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About Cellulite Reduction

Board-certified surgeon Dr. Susan J. Seman is pleased to perform effective skin-smoothing treatments with the state-of-the-art EMTONE device. At our office in West Bloomfield Township, MI, EMTONE is used primarily for cellulite reduction, skin smoothening, and skin tightening. Cellulite and reduced skin elasticity are normal and bound to appear over time, but that doesn't make it any less troublesome. Treatments with the EMTONE are specially designed to help women and men who avoid wearing certain types of clothing live life to the fullest by creating the smoother, softer skin they've always wanted. To learn more about what the EMTONE can do for your skin and self-confidence, reach out to our team today!

Am I a Candidate for EMTONE?

We typically recommend this procedure for patients who are seeking a noninvasive solution to the presence of cellulite. This can be on the thighs, abdomen, hips, or buttocks. Additionally, patients should be in good overall health and understand that the best possible results will be achieved by maintaining a proper diet and exercise plan after the procedure.


EMTONE is a very safe device that produces excellent results for countless patients. One of the eye-catching aspects of treatments with the EMTONE is that there's no recovery period needed. During your treatment session, we will ask you to recline and relax in one of our comfy chairs. A member of our team will then clean your skin and place the device over the desired treatment area. The EMTONE will then release radiofrequency (RF) energy and place pressure directly onto the area. During your treatment, the unwanted fat cells are targeted, and the skin is stimulated to enhance circulation and stop fluid buildup. Many compare the feeling of a treatment with the EMTONE to a deep tissue massage.


How long does EMTONE take?

EMTONE appointments take less than an hour to perform at our clinic in West Bloomfield Township, MI. Many of our patients schedule treatments during their lunch breaks. EMTONE sessions are not painful, and you should feel only a slight pressure during the duration of the procedure.

What areas can be treated with EMTONE?

Dr. Seman uses EMTONE to address most areas of the upper and lower body. Patients often use it on the abdomen, love handles, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, knees, and even arms. This makes EMTONE a diverse treatment option for both men and women with all kinds of body types.

How much does EMTONE cost?

EMTONE is a cost-effective solution for patients who have certain needs and cosmetic goals. It's most commonly priced according to the number of areas treated. Our administrative team is always transparent about pricing and accepts a wide range of payment options to make your EMTONE procedure budget-friendly.

Effective Cellulite Reduction

Balancing a healthy diet and regular exercise is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, even if you stay on top of your fitness and wellness goals, your body may not always respond the way you want it to. Dr. Susan Seman is pleased to offer effective treatments for individuals who would like to reduce cellulite throughout their frame using top-of-the-line EMTONE technology.

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