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Many people feel resigned to the common effects of aging. As we get older, we begin to notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles all over our bodies. If you’re looking to feel young again, then look no further than the BioRePeel. The BioRePeel is a noninvasive solution for anyone looking to improve the quality of their skin. This peel treats a number of common skin conditions, so if you want to reclaim your youthful look, consider booking a BioRePeel treatment today.


What it Treats

Fine lines and wrinkles
Unwanted pigmentation

Procedure Time

Approximately 10 minutes


Female or male
Patients of any age can receive a BioRePeel

Recovery & Downtime

The BioRePeel does not necessitate any downtime. Once the procedure is completed, you will be able to continue your day as usual. You may notice some redness or tightness in the skin, but these symptoms will likely abate very shortly and should not impact your day.

Why try a BioRePeel in West Bloomfield Township?


Versatile Treatment

One of the major benefits to the BioRePeel treatment is that it can be used in several places across the body. If you’re noticing skin concerns such as scarring, wrinkles, or pigmentation in your face, neck, hands, or back, then the BioRePeel may be able to help.


Immediate Results

One of the reasons that many of our patients love the BioRePeel is because of the treatment’s efficiency. Several patients report that they notice results immediately upon the completion of their session. Your skin may appear smoother and shinier than usual.


Noticeable Effects

When you schedule a treatment with an aesthetic clinic, you want prominent results. The BioRePeel is very effective at treating a variety of different skin conditions, like acne and wrinkles. Patients can see the results for themselves in just a few sessions, depending on the quality of their skin.

The BioRePeel Process

What to Expect?


If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment for the BioRePeel with our team, the first step is the consultation. The consultation is a vital part of the Susan Seman Solution experience. We want to ensure that the treatment we choose for your skin condition is effective. We will conduct a physical exam so we can examine your skin for ourselves. We will also ask you questions about your treatment goals, so we can meet your expectations. Next, we’ll book your appointment. We’ll find a date and time that is convenient for you. We’ll also provide you with pre-operation instructions, so you can get the most out of your BioRePeel session in West Bloomfield Township.

BioRePeel Treatment

When you arrive on the day of your BioRePeel session, we’ll escort you back to one of our treatment rooms. We’ll ensure that all of your questions about the process are answered. From there, we can begin the treatment. The procedure for your BioRePeel is very simple. We will apply the peel and leave it to sit and absorb into the skin. Some of our patients feel a slight prickling sensation during this part of the process. Once the peel has been absorbed, we will remove the peel and clean the skin beneath it. Your skin should appear bright and healthy following completion of your session.


From there, you can continue your day as usual. We will provide you with any additional information you need to maintain your results.

We recommend that you prepare for your treatment for BioRePeel in West Bloomfield Township, by:

  • Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated.
  • Avoiding unnecessary time in direct sunlight.
  • Taking a break from any skincare products that might cause sensitivity in the skin.

You will not need to go through any downtime after your BioRePeel treatment in West Bloomfield Township, but we do suggest:

  • Staying out of the direct sunlight for a few days.
  • Continuing to prioritize your hydration.
  • Avoiding contact with the treatment area.

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