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Colon Repair in West Bloomfield Township

Colon Repair and Resection

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We are your solution for a healthy colon.

The colon is part of your large intestine, where your body digests the food you’ve eaten and creates waste.

The Dr. Susan Seman Solution provides colon repair in Township for patients diagnosed with colon cancer, precancerous conditions, and other colon diseases that can’t be treated with medication. A colectomy is a surgery that removes part or all of your colon to ensure the rest of your gastrointestinal tract continues to function normally.


What it Treats

Colon cancer
Precancerous conditions
Large bowel obstruction

Procedure Length

1 to 4 hours


Up to 6 weeks. Most people get back to normal routines after 2 weeks

How Colon Repair Works

Before your colon repair in township, The Dr. Susan Seman Solution will prepare you for the procedure. Our healthcare team will perform a physical exam and confirm your health history. We may use x-rays, blood tests, and a colonoscopy as part of your health screening.


Before Your Surgery

You'll need to prepare for your surgery a couple days in advance. It's important for the bowels to be empty, so you may be asked to consume only a clear liquid diet, fast before the procedure, or take a laxative or enema.


During Your Surgery: Open

Colon repair is performed under general anesthesia. There are 2 methods Dr. Seman can use to complete your colectomy: open or laparoscopic. In an open colectomy, the doctor makes one long incision in your abdomen, which provides the easiest access to your organs.


During Your Surgery: Laparoscopic

For less complicated cases, we can use a laparoscopic procedure. In a laparoscopic (or robotic) colectomy, the doctor makes several small incisions and inserts a laparoscope with camera and tools to perform the surgery. 


Ending Your Surgery

You may need all or only part of your colon removed. After removing the affected section of your bowels, your doctor will rejoin the remaining sections and close your incision(s).


Next Steps

You'll spend 3 to 5 days recovering in the hospital while we monitor for signs of complications and wait for your bowels to begin functioning again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colon Repair

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What can I eat after a colon repair?

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