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Geneo Facial in West Bloomfield Township

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Taking care of your skin should be a joy, no matter your skin type. That’s why the Dr. Susan Seman Solution offers the Geneo facial at our practice in Township, Michigan.

The customizable Geneo treatment brightens your complexion and smooths your skin using the powers of oxygen and exfoliation combined.


What it Treats

Dirt and impurities
Uneven pigmentation
Large pores
Skin irritation
and more

Procedure Time

1 hour


14 years or older

Recovery & Downtime

There’s no recovery or downtime associated with a Geneo facial in Township!

Why choose a Geneo Facial in West Bloomfield Township?



The Geneo system has different treatments formulated with highly effective, natural ingredients that target specific concerns to balance and detoxify the skin. No matter your age or skin type, we have a treatment made for you.



Puffiness and redness are instantly reduced with a handsfree gentle massage that infuses Geneo's ingredients more deeply into the skin.



Geneo's technology is the the only facial that triggers your skin's natural oxygenation process—transforming your skin from the inside out!

The Dr. Susan Seman Solution Process


All of our treatment plans at the Dr. Susan Seman Solution begin with an in-depth consultation, including for our patients interested in receiving a Geneo facial in Township. During your initial consultation we'll examine your skin and determine which Geneo treatment is most suited for addressing your aesthetic interests. We'll answer any questions you have about the treatment and create a customized treatment plan to reach your skincare goals.


The Geneo facial involves 3 steps. First, we exfoliate your face using the Geneo Oxypods and Geneo Primer Gel which work together to gently unclog pores and stimulate circulation. This process naturally increases your skin's oxygen levels. The second step uses ultrasound vibrations that smooth your skin and help your skin better absorb nutrients in the Geneo Serums. To finish a gentle, handsfree massage sculpts the face and instantly reduces redness and puffiness while infusing the serums further into the skin.

Next Steps

You can enjoy the results of your Geneo facial immediately! There's no downtime and the whole process will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any side effects from a Geneo treatment?

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