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Hyperhidrosis Treatment in West Bloomfield Township

Treat Excessive Sweat

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Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a greater inconvenience than many might realize. It can be embarrassing, costly, and time-consuming. If you’re sick and tired of packing an extra set of clothes, then you may be interested in Xeomin or Dysport to treat hyperhidrosis. Injectables like Dysport and Xeomin aren’t only used for cosmetic purposes; they can provide you with relief from your condition today. If you’re tired of sweating excessively, consider scheduling a consultation for our hyperhidrosis treatment.


What it Treats

Excessive sweat and perspiration

Procedure Time

10 minutes


Female or male
18 or older

Recovery & Downtime

You will not need to take any downtime following your treatment for excessive underarm sweat in West Bloomfield Township. Any side effects will likely be minimal and disappear in time.

Why try hyperhidrosis treatment in West Bloomfield Township?


Convenient Approach

Using Xeomin or Dysport to treat excessive underarm sweat is a convenient solution to an inconvenient problem. Injections only take a few minutes, and afterward, you can continue your day as usual.


Lasting Solution

Another reason that so many of our patients choose Xeomin and Dysport for hyperhidrosis treatment is because of their longevity. This treatment can help you remain sweat-free for months at a time.


No Downtime

You might assume a treatment for hyperhidrosis would require a serious surgery, but you won’t need to spend long periods of time recovering after this procedure. You can continue your day as planned after your session is complete.

The Hyperhidrosis Treatment Process

What to Expect?


If you think you could benefit from a hyperhidrosis treatment in West Bloomfield Township, then the first step is completing an in-person consultation. The consultation is a necessary part of our clinic’s process. We’ll sit down with you, answer questions, and complete a short physical exam so we can obtain a better understanding of your condition to determine the right treatment for you.

Get Your Injections

On the day of your session, we’ll let you ask any other questions you have about your procedure, and then we’ll bring you into the treatment room. We’ll mark the predetermined treatment area to ensure we make accurate injections. We can also apply a topical anesthetic if you prefer. We will make the injections, which work by inhibiting your overactive sweat glands.

Next Steps

Upon completion of your injections, we will make one final examination of the treatment area. Then, we’ll provide you with post-treatment instructions to help ensure proper results. We can also make plans for a follow-up appointment so you can continue seeing the results of your treatment.

You can prepare for your hyperhidrosis treatment in West Bloomfield Township in the following ways. You should:
  • Not shave the treatment area.
  • Avoid muscle relaxers and retinoids.
  • Stay hydrated before treatment.
Your provider will offer post-care recommendations following your hyperhidrosis treatment in West Bloomfield Township. These may include:
  • Avoiding the temptation to touch the treatment area.
  • Refraining from excessive exercise.
  • Refraining from applying deodorant to the treatment area.

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