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As the body ages, the skin will become looser and less elastic. Years of repeating the same expression will cause fine lines and wrinkles to form across the face and body, lending to an aged appearance. Modern aesthetic technology means that you don’t have to put up with these fine lines and wrinkles; you can get rid of them with the help of a simple injection. If you want smoother skin, consider Sculptra in West Bloomfield Township. Sculptra is a popular dermal filler that can help you get the clear skin you deserve.


What it Treats

Fine lines


Collagen deficiency

Lost volume

Procedure Time

15 to 30 minutes


Female or male
18 or older

Sculptra is perfect for preventing wrinkles before they form.

Recovery & Downtime

You will not be required to take any downtime after you receive your Sculptra injections. You may notice some side effects, like soreness or bruising in the treatment area. These effects are common, and they should abate within a couple of days.

Why try Sculptra in West Bloomfield Township?


Medically Backed

Sculptra is FDA-approved to treat wrinkles and fine lines. It can also help restore lost volume and fill in hollow areas. The treatment is completely routine and exceedingly safe. Thousands of Americans have selected a Sculptra injection to combat their skin concerns.



When patients come to our clinic, they want a solution that lasts. Fortunately, Sculptra injections can provide relief from your wrinkles and fine lines for months and even years at a time. Some patients report that their Sculptra treatment lasts for over two years before they need a replacement.


Continual Improvement

You may notice results immediately after completing your Sculptra appointment, but those results will only continue to improve as your skin produces additional collagen. You may experience increased improvements for several months before they plateau.

The Sculptra Process

What to Expect?


The first step in scheduling an appointment for Sculptra in West Bloomfield Township is the initial consultation. The initial consultation is vital for ensuring that we find the right solution for your specific aesthetic condition. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll ask you some questions about what you expect from your treatment with us. Afterward, we’ll examine your areas of concern so we can get an idea of your condition for ourselves. This information will allow us to get your Sculptra injections scheduled.

Get Your Injections

When the day of your treatment arrives, we will give you one more opportunity to ask any questions you may have before the procedure. Then, we’ll bring you into the treatment room and sanitize the treatment area. Depending on your needs, we may apply a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort you may experience during the procedure. The injection likely won’t be painful, though some patients do report feeling a small amount of pressure.

Next Steps

After the injections are complete, we will examine the treatment area to ensure that everything looks correct. Then, we will provide you with post-care instructions. These instructions can minimize side effects and help you maintain your wrinkle-clearing results.

If you’re looking to prepare for your appointment for Sculptra in West Bloomfield Township, you might consider:
  • Avoiding any medications that thin your blood, like aspirin.
  • Refraining from drinking alcohol in the 2 days leading up to your injections, as that also thins blood.
  • Keeping hydrated and drinking lots of water before your injection.
  • Asking your provider about which medications to avoid.
You likely won’t need to take any downtime after your Sculptra injection, but you will need to:
  • Avoid touching the treatment area.
  • Sleep with your face up, especially if you notice swelling in the treatment area.
  • Hold your head upright in the 4 hours following your injection.
  • Refrain from using intense scrubs and exfoliators on the skin.
  • Abstain from intense aerobic exercise for 24 hours.

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