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Small Bowel Resection in West Bloomfield Township

Small Bowel Resection Surgery

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Learn about surgical small bowel resections from West Bloomfield Township’s experts.

The small intestine is important for maintaining digestive health because it absorbs nutrients from the food you eat.

When part of your bowel is blocked, damaged, or diseased, it may be necessary to remove part of your small intestine to ensure the continued function of your gastrointestinal tract. The Dr. Susan Seman Solution performs surgical small bowel resection in West Bloomfield Township for patients with conditions that are best treated with a small bowel resection.


What it Treats

Noncancerous tumors
Precancerous polyps
Injuries to small intestine
Inflammation (i.e. Crohn’s disease)

Procedure Length

1 to 4 hours


You’ll need to stay in the hospital for 5 to 7 days after your small bowel resection in West Bloomfield Township. Most patients feel back to normal in 2 to 4 weeks.

Small Bowel Resection Process

Before your small bowel resection at the Dr. Susan Seman Solution in West Bloomfield Township, you’ll undergo a complete physical exam. Our health care team will ask about your medical history and may require blood tests, x-rays, urine tests, or other pre-operative procedures.


Before Surgery

Dr. Seman will provided detailed instructions to help you prepare for your surgery. You may be asked to stick to a clear liquid diet a few days before your surgery, to clear your bowels with a laxative, and fast the day before your procedure.


During the Surgery

Your small bowel resection surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. There are 2 ways that the surgery can be completed: open and laparoscopic. An open surgery uses one large incision, while a laparoscopic method uses 3 to 5 smaller ones. In either case, your surgeon removes the affected section and then rejoins the remaining parts of your small intestine. In the rare case that your intestine can't be rejoined, you'll have a stoma inserted, which may be temporary or permanent. 


Next Steps

You will need to stay in the hospital for 5 to 7 days following your small bowel resection while we monitor for any complications and allow your intestine to heal. You'll have a catheter to drain your bladder and a nasogastric tube to help drain your stomach contents if necessary. While you may be able to consume clear liquids a few days after your surgery, it's likely that you'll be on IV nutrition if a large section of your bowel needed to be removed.

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