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The Spectra Laser in West Bloomfield Township

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The Spectra at the Dr. Susan Seman Solution includes both laser and IPL therapies that completely transform your skin! These therapies use light and heat energy to induce your body’s collagen growth. This increase in collagen keeps your skin plump, firm, and smooth. Our expert team at the Dr. Susan Seman Solution also uses The Spectra for hair removal, tattoo removal, and to alleviate a number of skin concerns!


What it Treats

Acne scarring
Unwanted tattoos
Unwanted hair
Cherry angioma
Uneven skin texture and tone
And more!

Procedure Time

Treatment lengths vary depending on the type of treatment and desired results. Most Spectra treatments take less than an hour to complete.



Recovery & Downtime

Most Spectra treatments require minimal downtime.

Why try Spectra Laser treatment in West Bloomfield Township?


Hair removal

The hair removal feature of Spectra works wonders to eradicate razor burn, ingrown hairs, and painful waxing from your routine. The Spectra Laser is ideal for large areas of hair removal as it operates quickly to target pigmented hair. 


Gentle, preventative skin care

The IPL feature of The Spectra provides gentle, non-ablative skin resurfacing to those looking for a clearer, more youthful complexion. This feature if perfect for those new to the medical aesthetics world, especially in their 20s. Preventative skin care is the key to setting yourself up for a life of beautiful skin, and The Spectra can help with that. 


Tattoo removal

If you're ready to remove some unwanted ink, look no further than The Spectra Laser in West Bloomfield Township at Dr. Susan Seman Solution. The Spectra uses laser energy to target pigment and you will see a noticeable difference within just a few sessions. 

The Spectra Laser Process

What to Expect?


Just like each of our treatments, we begin with an in-depth consultation. This allows us to truly get to know you, your aesthetic concerns and goals, and desired results. This will allow us to customize a treatment plan for your unique needs. 


We will guide you to one of our clean and comfortable treatment rooms. For all laser and light therapies, we will provide you with protective eye equipment. During your treatment, you are welcome to chat with your aesthetician, listen to music, or simply lay back and relax. 


Following your procedure, we will book any necessary follow-up appointments. We will discuss the need for multiple treatments during your initial consultation. 

Before your Spectra treatment at the Dr. Susan Seman Solution, you should…
  • Avoid direct sun exposure
  • Avoid tanning
After your Spectra treatment at the Dr. Susan Seman Solution, you should…
  • Clean your face regularly with a gentle cleanser
  • Stay out of direct sunlight for 24 to 48 hours

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