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Long Term Wound Care Management

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We ensure comfort and healing for chronic wounds.

Non-healing or chronic wounds are wounds that don’t heal in about 30 days and require clinical assistance.

Most wounds heal naturally over time, but not always. For patients who have wounds that require long term management. The Dr. Susan Seman Solution provides wound care in Township. Not only can they be a source of pain and frustration, they can lead to complications like infection or loss of limb.


Symptoms of a Non-Healing Wound:

Pain around the wound that doesn’t improve

Dark or blue color at the edges

Weeping or excessive drainage

Redness and swelling

A foul smell

Who is at risk for a non-healing wound?

Patients with:

Long term medical conditions like cancer, anemia, and diabetes

High blood pressure, varicose veins, other cardiovascular issues


A weakened immune system

History of ulcers

The Steps to Wound Care in West Bloomfield Township



The first step to wound care is analyzing the wound and developing a treatment plan. Dr. Seman may require blood tests, wound cultures, or scans to determine your wound's severity.



The treatment for your wound will depend on the type and severity. Dr. Seman will discuss which methods make the most sense for your situation.

Possible treatment methods include: specialized dressings, antibiotics, debridement (removing unhealthy tissue), or surgery like skin grafts.



After beginning your treatment, it's important to monitor the wound to watch for signs of infection or other complications. Following proper care instructions and changing the bandages regularly are important parts of this process.

Frequently asked questions about wound care in West Bloomfield Township

What causes chronic wounds?

How do I prevent chronic wounds?

How do I know if a wound is chronic?

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