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We provide expert skin grafts with minimal scarring.

In West Bloomfield Township, The Dr. Susan Seman Solution can provide skin grafts for patients with effective, natural results with minimal scarring.

People who have suffered skin loss through injury or other causes may require a skin graft. Skin grafting is a surgical procedure that takes healthy skin from one place on your body and places it over another part that has suffered skin loss.


What skin grafts are used for:

Areas where infection has caused skin loss
Bed sores
Cosmetic reasons like reconstructive surgeries
Skin cancer surgery
Large wounds

Procedure Length

1 to 3 hours


Some patients are able to return home the same day as their skin graft in Township, larger skin grafts may require an overnight stay in the hospital.

Preparing for Your Skin Graft in West Bloomfield Township

Prior to scheduling your procedure, Dr. Seman will answer any questions you have and will discuss the placement of your donor site. The thickness of your graft can affect where the donor site should be. Split thickness grafts, which only take a few layers of skin, are typically on the thigh or buttocks. Full thickness grafts might be taken from the chest or abdomen.


The Surgery

Skin grafts are typically performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Seman will take healthy skin from a donor site to be transplanted. Donor sites are typically places hidden by clothing, like the buttocks or inner thigh. Then Dr. Seman will carefully place the graft on the area being covered. It will be held in place by dressing or a few smalls stitches.


Next Steps

If you've had a very large graft, you will stay in the hospital while we monitor vitals and manage page. In some cases the graft doesn't "take" on the first try. The graft should start connecting to the surrounding skin and tissue within about 7 days, if it doesn't, you may need a second graft procedure.



Dr. Seman will provide you with post-operative instructions to care for your graft as well as the donor site.

Frequently asked questions about skin grafts in West Bloomfield Township

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How long does a skin graft take to heal?

Will my skin look normal?

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